Beca Fludgate - Guitar

favourite song lyric:"When I see you again as I always do, it appears to me that destiny rules and the spirits are ruthless with the paths they choose, it's not being together, it's just following the rules" Destiny Rules by Fleetwood Mac + "It's like living on a working river, the coast line is glittering, like a diamond snake in a black sky" (plus the rest of the song) by Stevie Nicks, Illume + Destiny Rules (Say You Will album 2004)

I have been influenced by many great musicians and songwriters, many of them unknown or rather not famous and they have inspired me immeasurably. Bands and singers that are well know that I l like are Tracey Chapman, The Cure, The Police, Blondie, Roxy Music, James Morrison, Snow Patrol, Coldplay, Keane and new band Kiev.
favourite movie: Don't have one but was impressed by Forest Gump and The Matrix I

best band ever: Fleetwood Mac
Beca Fludgate
1st instrument: Drums/piano

interests: music, bands, riding, swimming, reading, design, art

gear: Line 6 amp and foot board, Gibson Ephiphone Special, Ibanez SA260 FM, Cort Acoustic



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